International Symposium on Disaster Management

Next Generation of Disaster Management and Public Safety: Delivering a Resilient Future

30th September 2014 – Melbourne Australia

We are delighted to invite you to attend an integrated event focusing on the theme “Delivering a Resilient Future”. The event is a research symposium on Next Generation of Disaster Management and Public Safety, as part of the Carlton Connect Conference which is taking place from 30th September to 2nd October.

The symposium is an event coordinated and hosted by the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety (CDMPS), which aims to conduct multi-disciplinary research on all aspects of disaster management and public safety both nationally and internationally in order to encourage collaboration and enhance knowledge bases and research capability.

The Centre provides the opportunity for relevant organisations, communities and researchers to participate and contribute to disaster and public safety related research. To date, a number of national and international agencies and organisations have joined the Centre and are actively participating in research activities. More information on the Centre and the partners of CDMPS is available from www.cdmps.org.au

The event will discuss trends, strategies and a vision for delivering a resilient future. Additional themes will include Global Disaster Management: Building Resilience across Nations, Public Safety: An on the Ground Perspective, and The Next Generation for Disaster Management: Stepping into the Future. The participants will be the key stakeholders and decision makers in the inter-related fields of disaster management and public safety.

The objectives of the event are:

  • To examine the challenges in the existing disaster management practices from Australian as well as international perspectives;
  • To present a number of selected technological developments at the University of Melbourne as well as from industry and discuss their potential applications;
  • To foster partnerships and dialogue between stakeholders from different levels of government, industry and academia;
  • To officially launch the opening of the lab for the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety at the University of Melbourne;
  • To discuss disaster management and public safety strategies to facilitate a resilient future for communities worldwide;
  • To share disaster management experiences in the Asia and Pacific region with a focus on delivering interoperability and resource integration;
  • To discuss the role of disaster management and public safety agencies in developing a vision for “the next generation of disaster management”.

The preliminary conference program is available from here.